Weld Mount 8040 Acrylic Adhesive w/Plunger [804030]

Weld Mount 8040 Acrylic Adhesive w/Plunger [804030]

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8040 Acrylic Adhesive with Plunger 


AT-8040 is a good general purpose adhesive packaged in a manual plunger cartridge. Simply snip off the two end caps and dispense the needed amount of adhesive onto a clean surface and mix it by hand. AT-8040 cures in 10-12 minutes, has a 6 minute working time and develops working strength in 40 minutes. AT-8040 has a 12 month shelf life when stored at 72°. Weld Mount recommends that where ever possible this adhesive be refrigerated. Packaged in a 30ml cartridge this adhesive does not require the adhesive gun or mixing tips. The 30ml cartridge will bond 30-50 parts.

Quick Guide (pdf)
Owner's Manual (pdf)