Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife

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Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife

Product Description


Are you MIA? Did you zig when you should've zagged? These are the thoughts that were running through Jeff Freema's military-trained mind when he led the team that engineered the LMF II Infantry Knife. The LMF II 10 inch survival knife has been field tested with troops. 

The LMF II adapts to the person carrying it. Cut through a  fuselage, make your exit through the plexiglass of a helicopter or use it to chop firewood and build a shelter. Lash it to a pole for fishing for your dinner.


The Specifics:

[]   Lashing holes for use as spear

[]   Rugged, versatile survival tool

[]   2 Leg Straps

[]   Sheath

[]   MOLLE Compatible

 []   Blade: 4.84"

[]   Overall: 10.59"

[]   Weight: 11.67 oz.