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Emergency / Survival Tent

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Emergency Shelter Survival Tent


Better safe than sorry. That's our motto. With this compact survival tent that you can fold to be the size of a gentleman's wallet, you know the ones you put in your inside jacket pocket, why wouldn't you pack it? Here's what you get from such a little package:


[]  Retains 90% of body heat - wrap up and stay warm


[]  Made of Durable Mylar - it's tough, moistureproof and windproof


[]  Use it as ground cover to stay dry


[]  Use it to protect yourself from the sun - as a shade


Keep one or more in your Bug-out-bag. Carry it with you when you go hiking, camping, or mountain climbing.



The Specifics:

Color: silver(two sides) 

Size:150 * 240 cm

Package Contents:1 piece