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Camping Tarp

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20 x 20' All Purpose Blue Camp Tarp


Once you realize the versatility of the Maxam 20' x 20' All-Purpose Camping Tarp, you'll buy multiples to not only take with you on your camping trips but also to protect your outdoor deck furniture, equipment (whether outside or in the garage), boat, camper, firewood stack, and much more. Keep one in the truck to cover and protect the load you're hauling. Ideal for use at home, cabin or as a camping tarp. Waterproof, tear resistant, and mildew resistant. Rope reinforced hems for rugged durability during use. Hem is also folded on all 4 sides, with eyelets at 3 feet intervals. Silver exterior is weather and UV resistant. Hemmed Size 19'3" x 19'6"