Snake Gaiter Tips

Snake Gaiters

Snake Gaiters are one of the most popular snake protection options on the market. We often find new customers have many questions when purchasing or inquiring about our Gaiters. 

Care Instructions

It is important to properly care for Snake Gaiters to ensure the best use and longevity. Our Gaiters can be machine washed but be sure to use a mild detergent. DO NOT use any bleach or fabric softeners as these can ruin the protective SnakeArmor material used in the Gaiters. As for drying the Gaiters we recommend you put them through a low heat tumble dry. You can also air dry the Gaiters by unzipping and hanging them in your laundry room or on a clothesline.


What are the Grommets for?

With our Snake Gaiters people notice on the flap that sits on the top of the foot there are three grommets (2 grommets on the sides and one placed in the center). We are often asked what the purpose of these grommets is. The grommets are designed for people to run a separate boot lace through and tie down the Gaiters to prevent them from riding up. A technique that many people do is they take the boot lace run it under the arch of the foot through the side grommets and tie the lace at the top of the foot area. We’ve even heard on customers getting creative and using mini bungee cords to tie down the Gaiters through the grommets.

Zipper on Snake Gaiters

Every once in a while, we are contacted by a customer who has a zipper that sticks and has trouble zipping up. This issue can be caused by sand, dirt, and heavy brush getting caught in the zipper teeth, so it starts to stick. To resolve this issue and make it easier to zip your Snake Gaiters we suggest you lubricate the zipper with soap or even beeswax. You’ll find that by doing this the zipper will slide up and down easily for you.

Other Important Features

Obviously, the main reason most people purchase our Snake Gaiters is for the protection against venomous snakebites, but there are other beneficial features. Our Gaiters provide water and wind resistance, so they will help keep you dry/warm during cold or wet seasons. If you’re walking through an area with brush or briar our Gaiters also will provide protection from scratches and pokes on your legs.

We hope this information helps you!