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Dynamo Solar Powered Radio - Green

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Dynamo Solar Powered Radio - Green

Got power? No? Not a problem. Doesn't matter how far your are from a working outlet the dynamo solar powered radio will keep you in the loop. Stat connected to what's going on: news, weather, your music and more. Solar power panel converts the sunlight into power. Can't find the sun? Well just apply some elbow grease and crank away. With the integrated generator you'll be connected in a jiff. 

This newly designed AM/FM radio with 5 LED flashlight and 14 LED reading lamp is a unique that meets all the emergency needs. The siren is good for the request for an immediate help.

1. AM: 520 - 1710 KHz
2. FM: 88 -- 108 Mhz
3. Dynamo Cranking charging
4. Solar Panel charging
5. 5 LED flashlight
6. 14 LED reading lamp for camping
7. Siren
8. Lithium rechargeable battery
9. AC charge ready