S*it Happens!

If you are preparing to head off into the wilderness, whether hiking, biking, camping, glamping, backpacking, or boating, always always always carry either a prepackaged first aid kit (e.g., Adventure Medical Kits) or put together a DIY Kit. You may need to supplement the contents of a ready-made first aid kit with items specific to your personal needs. If you’re allergic to bee or wasp stings, for example, be sure to include your epi-pen. Depending on how far you plan to hike, you might need to be weight conscious when packing. It is controversial. Traditional backpackers think it’s foolhardy to carry fewer items. Not only does s*it happen, but it also happens without warning. One second, you’re walking across wet rocks joking with your wife. The next second you need 3 stitches – which of course you refuse.

Ultralight backpacking is defined by a base weight of 10 pounds or less (base pack weight consists of a rain shelter/tent, sleeping system, and backpack). 

First-Aid Essentials Checklist

[] Antiseptic wipes

[] Antibacterial ointment (e.g., bacitracin)

[] Compound tincture of benzoin (bandage adhesive)

[] Assorted adhesive bandages

[] Gauze pads in various sizes

[] Medical tape

[] Moleskin or some other type of blister treatment

[] Ibuprofen or another preferred pain-relief medication

[] Insect sting treatment

[] Antihistamine to treat allergic reactions

[] Nonstick sterile pads

[] Butterfly bandages

[] Tweezers

[] Safety pins

[] Multitool

[] First-aid manual or information cards.  

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